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The Spider & the Cleric.

Haley Hellfire

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Hello, there! I’m Haley Hellfire Cosplay!

My cosplay journey began in 2015 when some friends and I decided to check out Animazement in Raleigh. I threw together my first cosplays: Xiba from Soul Calibur, Rapunzel and Poison Ivy. They were mostly held together with hot glue, but off to my first convention I went.

I fell in love with cosplay, nerd conventions and the people that flocked there. It felt like home. A community where adult nerds could dress up as their favorite characters, act silly and spend way too much money? I was sold. My whole life I had been searching for my place and I had found it: Cosplay.

Creating has always been in my blood. From the moment I could hold a pencil, I was drawing something, painting or sculpting. I took art classes every year in school and eventually ended up graduating college with a degree in Fine Arts. I knew I was meant to create, in some form. When I found cosplay, it was the perfect outlet for me to combine all my various art talents into one.

I taught myself to hand sew and then eventually how to use a machine. While completely terrifying, it was wonderful to learn. I eventually delved into prop making and wig styling. I am learning everyday with cosplay and I love this crazy, chaotic journey I am on.

Cosplay is something that changed my life and I believe there is a place for everyone in this community. I have made some of my deepest friendships and connections through cosplay and I am forever grateful.

I’d say the rest is history but I’m still writing that part!

We met Haley Hellfire last year at Playthrough Gaming Convention and briefly spoke to her but also started following her Instagram.
We were thoroughly impressed.
When she popped up at the photo booth at Playthrough this year, we spoke again and immediately asked if she was ready to be a Cosplay Spotlight! She agreed and when we found out she had already done some photo shoots with both Tomisina and Josh, along with multiple members of our internal team screaming YES when we asked about her, we knew she was perfect for our
April Cosplay Spotlight!!

This month Haley brings you her stunning Jester from Critical Role in a fun and whimsical shoot showcasing the character in her natural habitat and Marvel’s Spider-Gwen (Ghost Spider?) in a more urban setting with a joyful and hopeful feel, shot by Josh Thompson!!
Also check out the incredible Spider-Gwen video shot by our new staff videographer Jeremy Deihl!!! 

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by

Josh Thompson Photography