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BlackKarma Cosplay!

BlackKarma Cosplay

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community!
Every month, The Variant showcases cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice within the cosplay community.

It’s May and we’ve got a brand new set from BlackKarma Cosplay who is also our Cosplay Community Advocate. That means
she acts as a liaison with the community to make sure we stay on task at conventions and events and
with all of the incredible cosplayers we work with. It’s been a hot minute since Karma had the Spotlight all to herself
and we wanted to do her right so we’re taking extra special care of her pics.
Drop by all month long for all new photo sets with all different cosplays!!! 
Here’s what she had to say:

“Hi, I’m BlackKarma Cosplay, but my friends call me Karma! I’m a part-time cosplayer, part-time larper, and full-time dork.
I’m celebrating my 10th year in cosplay and it’s been a wild 10 years! I can only hope for 10 more!

I started my cosplay career as a Homestuck where I met my best friends and biggest supporters, PinkTwin and BlueTwin.
No matter how hard cosplay life or real life got, they’ve had my back and held me up and there’s nothing I’d ever trade for them!

Since my early Homestuck days I’ve branched into other fandoms, some of my favorites being Haikyuu,
League of Legends, The Adventure Zone, the Hellaverse and so many more. If I’m not in cosplay at a con I’m probably decked out
in any of my numerous cat themed accessories! I’ve had a passion for cat ears since I was a baby cosplayer and just recently began developing
and selling my own style of animal ears and tails. It’s hard not keep them all but I love all my amazing friends and supporters
who have bought from me and given my art a great home!

For me, cosplay is a big emotional outlet and a form of self-love. I pick cosplays I like based on designs I like, a character’s lore or
personality, but the ones I love the most are when I find a character I see myself in. When I see me in any character, especially when I’m feeling down about myself, it feels nice to be able to look at that character and remind myself that people love them for all
their attributes and flaws and that reminds me that I am also worthy of that love!

The cosplays that have meant the most to me are my MC Sheep from Obey Me!, Loona from Helluva Boss, and Lup from
The Adventure Zone. Each of them have been projects that have come to me when I needed them the most. MC Sheep was a
labor of love for me, to cosplay something no one may know simply because I love it so deeply. Loona was an act of defiance, to prove to myself I could do something when others doubted me. Lup was my biggest triumph and biggest comfort. In a dark, lonely, and 
uncertain time in my life I had to bring her to life and that project will never not be something I work on improving to
keep that light alive. No matter why you cosplay, do it for you and make yourself happy!
Making the jump is just the hardest part.

One day, I hope I can bring life to Kerrigan, Queen of Blades, in some fashion! In the meantime, maybe I’ll start a Homestuck renaissance. Maybe I’ll roll the dice and do something random. Maybe I’ll bring an old cosplay back to life. Whatever I do, I just want it to be fun and I want to enjoy this ride and maybe inspire a person or two along the way. 


 For Karma’s first set have some Junko from Danganronpa, (she even made the logo herself) and some Gojo from JuJutsu Kaisen!!!
Drop back by throughout the month and see what other surprise cosplays she’s bringing to the table!!!

Junko by Fox Dream Photography
Gojo by Tomisina Lynn Photography
Cherri Bomb by Tomisina Lynn Photography
Raven / Sith Raven by Tomisina Lynn Photography  

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??



Photography by

Tomisina Lynn Photography

Director of Photography

Fox Dream Photography

Staff Photographer