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Who is The Variant?

The Variant is a collective of writers, artists, cosplayers, photographers and most of all fans of the comic book culture that strives to take an exclusive look into the world of Comics, Cosplay and Conventions. We write our own stories and articles. We take our own pictures. We re-post nothing from other sites. The content you see on our website is all 100% original and can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. In a world where rehashed ideas are the standard, we instead choose to give a “Variant” outlook at the fandoms, comics, cons and cosplayers you all know and love.

Our Staff

RJ Marchese

Editor In Chief/Founder

RJ Marchese is a published comics writer and life-long comic book fan. A married father of two he enjoys occasionally cosplaying as a mercenary unicorn and taking photographs of action figures doing ridiculous things. RJ can generally be found loitering around local comic book stores or surrounded by stacks of back issues that seem to keep exponentially multiplying. No, really. They’re taking over……… help!


Tomisina Lynn

Director of Photography


Technical Director

Face is the guy behind the scenes that keeps all the technical things running. His knowledge of photography and videography grows exponentially and he’s the guy we go to when we’re planning to shoot the moon to make sure it’s not gonna fall out of the sky.

Greenfield Photography

Senior Staff Photographer

Victoria is our Senior Staff Photographer and with good reason. Her extreme attention to detail as well as her absolutely stunning photography has helped us create some of our greatest Cosplay Spotlight features. Ever.

Snarky Puppy Cosplay

Booth Manager

Snarky Puppy has been with The Variant behind the scenes for literally years. As Booth Manager she ensures that everything at our photo booth runs as smooth as humanly possible. She’s a bright shining beacon that allows our booths at any given convention to shine!

FyreHeart Cosplay

Cosplay Coordinator

FyreHeart Cosplay is another new addition to The Variant team. With her incredible costuming skills and her can-do attitude, FyreHeart has stormed the gates of The Variant and taken her rightful place as not only an outstanding Cosplay Judge but also as an integral part of the team in general.

Awkward Turtle Cosplay

Lead Contest Judge / Stylist

Awkward Turtle is a force to be reckoned with and has always been a huge advocate for The Variant. She started out as one of our Cosplay Advocates and has since moved up to Lead Cosplay Judge. Her skills as a stylist and costumer as well as her experience participating and judging cosplay contests made her the perfect choice to lead The Variant’s Cosplay Contest Judging Team.

Black Karma

Cosplayer Advocate

What else is there to say about Black Karma Cosplay that her pictures don’t already? A part-time cosplayer, part-time LARPER and full time student, Black Karma is the glue that keeps our convention booths running. Her extensive background in retail and her spot-on cosplays makes her perfection at any convention.

Joe Lasorsa

Comics Reviews

Our Man Joe is our staff comics reviewer and all around great guy. He is a full-time student that wanted to take a shot at doing some comic reviews and dropped his A-game on us!! Check out some of his cosplay shenanigans as Weapon X Cosplay!!!

Fox Dream Photography

Staff Photographer


Josh Thompson Photography

Adam Hamrick

Coming Soon!


Sudds Photography

Coming Soon!