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The Devil and the D.Va


September 2020

Cosplay Spotlight

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community!
Every month, The Variant showcases cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice within the cosplay community.

Hi! I’m Jess, but you can find me just about anywhere as lunardahlia! By day, I work in a mental health clinic but by night, I craft whatever I can to bring my favorite fictional characters to life! Cosplay has helped me in so many ways by being my creative outlet and bringing me into an amazing community where I have met so many wonderful people!!

I may have started cosplaying only a few years ago, but I went down the rabbit hole last year and began learning bits from all the different aspects of it. From working with foam to fabric to body paint, not to mention my newly formed wig obsession, I absolutely adore every aspect of making my cosplays and sharing what I can create with all of you!!

I am incredibly grateful to my college roommate who brought me to my first anime convention and introduced me to cosplay. Without them hyping me up about it I would not have found this hobby that I’m incredibly passionate about. Cosplay has brought some of the most amazing people into my life and I will always cherish it for that.

We are extremely proud to welcome LunarDahlia to The Variant’s Cosplay Spotlight family!!!
When we saw some of her work on Instagram we loved it and put the word out through our team that we were interested in seeing if she wanted to be our September Cosplay Spotlight. Luckily for all of you she agreed!!

This month Jess brought us her Trigon from Teen Titans and her Cruiser D.Va in a gorgeous Cosplay Spotlight brought to you by the gorgeous eye of our photography director, Tomisina Lynn.

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by

Tomisina Lynn Photography

Photography Director