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Generation X!!!

Karizma Cosplay

April 2021

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RE: Boneyard

Rissa Rose was your typical teenager growing up in the Detroit suburbs and more or less wanted for nothing her entire life. One day while riding the bus across town, a drunk driver smashed into the side of it killing 4 people and by all rights should have killed Rissa. The accident did in fact snap her spinal cord, and crushed most of her chest, neck, head and back. However, it was at that moment that her mutant power manifested and her injuries healed almost as quickly as they occurred. That would have been great except a healing factor isn’t her only power.

Rissa’s power is two-fold in that when she’s injured she can project that injury on someone else and then her body heals. During the accident and not knowing her powers even existed, Rissa’s life flashed before her eyes and unknowingly focused on her parents. She returned home to find her parents dead, their bodies broken and mangled. Angry and emotionally distraught, she took to the streets of Detroit and for 5 years did what she had to in order to survive until Nightcrawler found and brought her home to Krakoa.

Rissa seems to enjoy inflicting injuries on others and does so brutally. Her preferred method is breaking her own bones, (hence the crowbar and the code name Boneyard) which makes for quite the dramatic display of barbarity. As mentioned she has a healing factor that rivals Logan’s and her healing time is extremely minimal. Rissa was originally placed with the Generation X team but was later moved to the Hellions. Her anger and the nature of her powers made for a better fit under Sinister’s team with the added bonus of Psylocke there for guidance and to keep a close eye on her.

This month we welcome back Karizma Cosplay!!
You might remember her from her January 2020 Cosplay Spotlight.
This time she brought the X!!!
Check out her three incredible cosplay looks as Jubilee, Blink & her OC Boneyard!!
We loved these all so much we decided to add her OC to the X-Men and more specifically to the Hellions and worked up a backstory for her.

HUGE SHOUT-OUT and THANKS to Ultimate Comics for letting us shoot Jubilee in their Raleigh, NC location.
Also check out that sweet product placement of the X-Men ’92 issue 1 variant cover drawn by the AMAZING Afua Richardson!! 

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??


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