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Anime August & X-Men!

Haus of Mint

August 2021

Cosplay Spotlight

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Hello everyone, my name is Regena , a.k.a. Haus of Mint, and I have been cosplaying since 2005!

From the start I have always been creative. When I was younger I was always drawing or creating some form of artwork because it was an escape. After I graduated high school and went to college for 3D art and animation that creative spark in me just seemed to die because something that was an escape for me was now more like work and was no longer fun.

A few years after I left school, I started to get back into watching anime and remembered that there was a local anime convention, (Animazement), and people would be there dressing as their favorite characters. Using my basic knowledge from a few fashion design classes I had taken, I purchased a sewing machine and made my first cosplay which was Kanu Unchou from Ikki Tousen.

Through cosplay I was also able to finally figure out my career path. I am currently a licensed esthetician / makeup artist and I occasionally offer those services to other cosplayers for their photoshoots. I was also featured in the first edition of Cosplay in America with my World of Warcraft Succubus cosplay.

This month we welcome Haus of Mint back to our Cosplay Spotlight!!

OK so we know it’s supposed to be Anime August but you know how we get with the X-Men cosplays and HoM’s Storm is just…. INCREDIBLE. We just couldn’t say no!! That’s not to say it isn’t still Anime August as she also brought us her Mitsuri Kanroji from Demon Slayer which is just pure FIRE!!!

With Tomisina Lynn’s stunning eye (both of them actually) on photog duties this month, we’ve got two gorgeous sets of pics
this month along with a literal metric ton of anime cosplays for you to see!!!

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by

Tomisina Lynn Photography

Photography Director