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Railway Wren!!!

Railway Wren

December 2019

Cosplay Spotlight

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community!
Every month, The Variant showcases cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice within the cosplay community.

Hello Everyone!
My name is Amanda, a.k.a Railwaywren or Wren.

The Variant, has given me this lovely opportunity to introduce myself to you. So, to sum up, by day I am a designer and multimedia artist and by night, I am an awkward turkey that likes to dress up.

 Although I have been an avid costume maker and prop maker since I was a kid, I wasn’t introduced to the cosplay world until 2007. That was the year I went to my first convention: a small 20 person con at a mall store. Excited but with only a few hours until the convention started, I decided to cosplay my favorite Ghibli character, San from Princess Mononoke. The cosplay was made in 2 hours from things around the house, including a fur cape made from towels, but I was thrilled to get to cosplay a character I appreciated. This sentiment has stayed with me through my cosplay adventures.

In 2014, I had the opportunity to study in Japan. This was the turning point in my cosplay hobby as I not only got to meet others in the international cosplay community, I was also introduced to the transformative powers of make-up. Cosplay is so compelling to me because it allows me to grow my design and creative talents through various outlets: from make-up and carving foam to photography and 3-D modeling.

 I have been slowly improving my craft over the years and have very much enjoyed the opportunities cosplay has given me in meeting amazing people and making new friends. I have also been able to use my cosplay skills to help my community, mainly by volunteering at haunted houses and a few Pokemon events. I hope to discover more ways to put my skills to good use. When I am not cosplaying or working on cosplay, I enjoy photography, videography, archery, napping and looking for wild Pikachus.

Thank you for taking some time to get to know me. 🙂 

This month we’re ecstatic to bring Variant newcomer RailwayWren to her very own Cosplay Spotlight. I got the chance to sit down with Wren and chat for a bit and when I found out about her videography background I wanted to see what she could do. I tossed the idea of her making her own cover video for the Spotlight and for Facebook and she knocked it out of the park!

Her incredible video coupled with her “Articuno Legendary Pokemon” shoot with Jon V Photography and her “Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower” from Bloodborne shot by Greenfield Photography makes for one visually stunning December Cosplay Spotlight!!

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by


Jon V

Staff Photograher

Greenfield Photography

Senior Staff Photograher