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SilverHeart Cosplay

March 2021

Cosplay Spotlight

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community!
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Hi! My name is SilverHeart Cosplay!
While I have been cosplaying for the last few years, I still consider myself “new” to the cosplay community. I became interested in cosplay because I was inspired by all the awesome cosplayers at the first con I ever went to a few years ago, Wizard World Richmond. It wasn’t until August 2018 that I decided to take my passion of cosplay to another level. I created my IG page and have been cosplaying semi-professionally since then. My cosplay journey has been such a great experience and I have enjoyed being a part of this positive community.

I enjoy doing all different types of closet cosplays, budget cosplays, store-bought cosplays, and armored cosplays. I have also enjoyed making different props. I cosplay from different fandoms, but my favorites are Marvel and Anime characters. It means a lot to me when I cosplay characters I connect with or really love.

Some of my favorites are Misty Knight, Luke Cage, Ironheart, Sailor Moon, Temari, and Bulma just to name a few. Cosplaying has been extremely therapeutic for me and I hope to continue growing as a cosplayer and connecting with other people in the community!

This month SilverHeart along with Greenfield Photography & Tomisina Lynn brought us this stunning Defenders Double Feature with her scintillating Misty Knight and a full set of BA Luke Cage!!!

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by

Tomisina Lynn Photography

Photography Director

Greenfield Photography

Senior Staff Photograher