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November 2022

Cosplay Spotlight

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community! 

Every month, The Variant showcases cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice within the cosplay community.

Himbo on the outside, nerd on the inside, and golden retriever at heart, Rawrcharr is a ray of sunshine in the cosplay community. He started cosplaying in 2016 and has been bringing your favorite characters from gaming, anime and comics into real life through crafting, sewing and printing.

When Rawrcharr started cosplaying, he set out to break every stereotype of what a nerd is. Weak? Anti-social? Uncreative? None of the above! Rawrcharr wants to show the world how awesome a nerd can be, and show every other nerd how awesome they can be.

“Be everything they never expected”

This month we are pleased to bring RawrCharr into the November Cosplay Spotlight family with three AMAZING cosplays!!! 


With some stunning photos by Jon V Photography, RawrCharr brings us his Zhongli from Genshin Impact, Joe from SK8 The Infinity and his genderbent “Princess Mononoke” all shot on location in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. 


WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by


Jon V Photography

Staff Photograher