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Anime August!!!

Dommie Dommer

September 2020

Cosplay Spotlight

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“Hi Everyone!! My name is Dommie!!
I’m just your ordinary average girl except for my talking cat, my magical brooch, the 328-foot tall robot warrior in my backyard, and my space corgi!!!

It’s not so hard saving the galaxy from space aliens. What’s really hard is getting to work on time. When I’m not sewing a new cosplay you can find me studying plants and trees. You may know me from my yearly job at the Animazement Maid Cafe!! For the most part I’m working off the debt I owe from a broken vase at Animazement’s Maid Cafe.

You might remember Dommie Dommer from her December 2018 Cosplay Spotlight when she brought us Marvel’s Emma Frost and Mystique cosplays as well as her American Horror Story: Coven shoot last October. This month Dommie puts the ANIME in Anime August with her OC Maid Cafe Maid and her Lucy from Fairy Tail cosplays.


Since it’s Anime August we’ll be posting all of Dommie’s Cosplay Spotlight pics as well as a ton of other anime cosplays all month long!!!

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

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Awkward Turtle Cosplay