January 2023

Cosplay Spotlight

We’re spotlighting talent in the cosplay community!
Every month, The Variant showcases cosplayers who display talent, creativity, and a positive voice within the cosplay community.

Daemeryss is a cosplayer who is always pushing the boundaries of creativity. She loves creating tutorials and patterns to help others learn, as well as 3D printing files to make costumes even more accurate and impressive. From EVA foam to LED coding, she tries just about each and every material available to incorporate into her cosplays. On her Instagram, TikTok or Youtube, you can find videos on how to make or replicate her designs for your own projects, and her Ko-Fi provides many materials and resources for free for anyone to use.

When she isn’t cosplaying, she’s working on and designing her own fashion bag and accessory brand and in what’s left of her free time, she enjoys traveling the country to visit different conventions. Through her work, she has also been able to host contests, fundraisers, and live events, and just recently got to try her hand at e sports commentating at Holiday Matsuri. She’s eager to continue learning and growing her skills more while finding new and exciting ways to make an impact in the world of cosplay.

Daemeryss is one of those jack-of-all-trades type people. In addition to everything the AI bot wrote about her above (yes, she enlisted AI to write her bio in an effort to speed up the onset of the singularity), Daemeryss also designed most of the website you’re currently looking at now and is our site administrator. Please enjoy her double feature of Chun-Li and her winter Zelda both shot by the lovely and talented Tomisina Lynn Photography.  

WAIT!!…why are you still reading this??

Photography by

Tomisina Lynn Photography

Photography Director